Sent and signed by customer

When managing documents like contracts and proposals, it can be nice to know which documents has been sent to the customer and which documents is signed by the customer. 

You will often have multiple versions of the same document, so which is the signed version?

It is possible to mark a document as sent to the customer and as signed by the customer. This allows you to quickly search for and filter by these documents. There is no automatic identification of sent or signed documents yet. 

Add Sent to customer and Signed by customer on a document

To mark a  document as sent to the customer and as signed signed by the customer, open the file details by clicking on the info icon Image result for info icon to see file details.

On the file details page select "Edit tags"

Select the checkboxes "Sent to customer" and "Signed by customer"

And press "Update tags"

See if a document is sent to and/or signed by the customer

You can see if the document is marked with sent to customer or signed by customer from the file panel, when you mouse over, as shown below: 

You can also see it in the file details under tags, as shown below. 


Filter search results 

If you want to filter your search results to only show documents "Signed by customer" or "Sent to customer", select the advanced filter and select one of the checkboxes as shown below.