Help your customers

Selling to and collaborating with potential customers is getting ever more complex, as more people get involved in the process. CEB/Gartner estimates the number of people involved in a typical B2B solutions purchases is 6.8.

This means that your sales team needs guidance on how to collaborate with the different stakeholder within the customer organisation, like:

  • What value do our products deliver
  • What is the mental model the customer typically have about the problems
  • What unique commercial insight can we bring to the customers
  • Who is the typical stakeholders
  • What does the customer need to do to evaluate and buy a solution to their problem
  • What is the typical barriers the customers face internally

Increase your productivity

It can be difficult to find the sales content you need when you engage with your customers. SalesValue makes it easy to identify and find the best content when you need it, for example:

  • Presentations
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Proposals
  • References
  • Customer stories
  • etc.

SalesValue is 100% integrated into Salesforce, and provides the most relevant content in the context of your work, e.g. product, opportunity, contact, customer, etc.

Get the knowledge just in time 

Sales knowledge is often spread across multiple systems and places. 

SalesValue provides you with the most relevant knowledge when you need it directly in Salesforce. The knowledge is presented to you in context of your work. 

  • Commercial Insights
  • Product features, advantages and benefits
  • Buyer persona's and typical pains
  • Customer stories and references
  • Competitors
  • Industry knowledge


Skærmbillede 2020-04-29 kl. 10.41.36.png

SalesValue Sales Enablement is a 100% native Salesforce App, that increases the value of your current Salesforce investment.

Your sales reps get the most relevant content and knowledge just in time directly in Salesforce. SalesValue delivers the most relevant content and knowledge based on the users context like Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and Products.

Files and Sales Enablement content

SalesValue leverages the existing Salesforce content management, and improves it with additional categorization and reporting. 

This means that your Salesforce users can easily use that advanced Salesforce features like search, like, usage tracking, preview, download and emailing content.

With SalesValue you can map content to Opportunity Stages, Products, Personas, Industries, etc. This allows SalesValue to automatically present the most relevant content to Salesforce users based on their context, and makes it easy for users to search and filter on relevant content. 

SalesValue App Content by Opportunity Stage.png
SalesValue App Opportunity.png

Help on your Opportunities

When you work on an opportunity SalesValue will deliver just in time knowledge to you. 

As shown on the image below SalesValue shows the most relevant content and knowledge to you based on the opportunity stage, the industry and products. 

The standard content types show is: 

  • Corporate files - Content you can show or send to your customers, e.g. presentations, brochures, whitepapers.
  • Training files - Internal knowledge to help in your role, e.g. demo guide, sales method tools, etc.  
  • Customer stories - Customer references, win wires and internal stories that can help you in your customer dialog. 

Understand your Contacts needs

On your contacts, SalesValue will look for the relevant Persona based on the contact title and industry, and show the persona information on your contact form, as shown below. 

This helps you understand your customer contacts better and improve your dialog with your contacts. 

If you click on the persona title your get to more details of the persona, and links from the persona to pains and commercial insights. 

SalesValue App Contact.png
SalesValue App Account.png

Lear about your Accounts industry

Understanding your customers industry can help you understand who to speak to and qualify the dialog with the customers. And if you target your sales content to the specific industry you can also significantly increase your win chances. 

On the Account page SalesValue automatically show relevant content for the specific industry. 


Product Features, Advantages & Benefits

On the product pages SalesValue sales content about How to sell your products and Training material on how to sell the products.

In SalesValue you can also document your product features, and describe the feature, advantages and benefits. This helps improve the customer dialog. 

The features are also linked to pains of buyer personas so you can better understand how your solution helps your customers different stakeholders.

SalesValue App Product.png
SalesValue App Commercial insight.png

Deliver Commercial Insights

Commercial Insights was introduced in the book Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. If you have not already read this book, it is highly recommended and a great read. 

The SalesValue app allows you to easily find the most relevant Commercial Insight directly in Salesforce. When you work with your accounts, contacts and prospects.

SalesValue also let's you document how to best deliver the commercial insights the way Challenger Sale recommends. 

Understand Buyer Personas and Pains

Buyer persona's is a concept often used in marketing to describe your target customer contacts and identify what messaging works with these persons. 

The concept is also very useful for salespeople. You can use it to identify who you should reach out to in both new and existing customers. You can learn to understand these persona's and how features in your products and services can help these persons solve their pains. 

SalesValue App Persona.png
SalesValue App Customer Story.png

Create trust with Customer Stories 

Customer stories are used to document both official customer references as well as internal stories about how you have helped your customers or win wires informing about new recent wins.

This information is very valuable when you speak to your customers. Your customers are often very interested in how you have solved problems for other customers. 

Know your Competitors

Competitive information helps you understand the alternatives your prospects might be evaluating.

In SalesValue App your sales and marketing team can document key information about your competitors as well as link relevant files to the competitors like brochures, white papers and battle cards.


SalesValue App Competitor.png
SalesValue App Industry.png

Understand the Industry

An industry is a group of companies that are related based on their primary business activities. Individual companies are generally classified into an industry based on their largest sources of revenue.

When companies evaluates your product or service they are often very interested in understanding how you have solved the same problems for other companies in the same industry. This is because these companies often have the same challenges and operations as they do. So what ever other companies in the same industry has done they can most likely also benefit from. 

In the SalesValue App you can find a description of the industries as well as link from the industry to relevant sales enablement files, industry specific pains and personas, as well as related accounts. 

Is this solution right for you?

If your organisation matches the criteria's below, SalesValue is designed for you:

You work with Business to Business sales

Business to Business sales is interactions where long term relations matters and customer purchase process is often complex involving several different people. This means that you have a very skilled sales team.

SalesValue is designed to help your sales team get their job done smarter. 

You sell a Complex product

Your product or solution is not a commodity and involves a long evaluation process for the customer, that is often different for each sale and each customer. This requires understanding the customer business, requirements and needs, and adapting the sales process to help the customer navigate their own evaluation and decision process.

SalesValue helps your sales team quickly find what they need in the ever growing content, and produce better content by collaborating and sharing in the sales team.

What our customers say

Andreas Vagnø Pedersen
Channel Manager

It's so easy.

Then the material is available on the customer or opportunity when we need it. The win-wires process is simple and valuable for systematic knowledge sharing.

Hans Ulrik Madsen
Director Channel Management

SalesValue has great value. I use it to look for documents that it took thousands of years to find. Now we have an intelligent entry to relevant content and I just work like I have always done - brilliant.

There is great value and potential in managing customer stories. This is where we get deeper into each other's experience and achieve positive synergy. Both for winwires and loss reviews.

Simone Vestergaard
Channel Account Manager

SalesValue provides access to material and experiences.

With the relevant material and reference stories on opportunities, it is safe to be a new seller in Zylinc because the road to success is so much faster.

Per Hesthaven
UC Change

Easily managed. Brings more quality to the sales proces with less time spend.

Presents relevant supporting tools and sales materials across the organization and folders, relevant to the stage of sale.

The way it is build, you cannot avoid being inspired in a broader sense on how to proceed and increase your relevanse in the eyes of your customer.

Dorte Groth
Sales Operations

With the integration from CRM to SalesValue, we will strengthen the sales processes and procedures.

We get a common knowledge repository, as the sales materials are moved from the individual seller's private folder to SalesValue.

The CRM system therefore becomes so much more relevant to all of us.

Henning Nielsen

Zylinc's value from our CRM increases with SalesValue.

Our sales processes are optimized when sales materials and the experiences from colleagues are presented in the relevant context.

We also strengthen the use of best practice in the work with presentations, proposal, contracts etc. and we get an important overview of the potential additional sales to existing customers.