Sales Enablement

Enable your employees to help your customers.

Most customers like to be helped, if you are truly interested in creating value for them. We believe that the best people, are the ones that focuses on creating value for their customers. We call these people Value Creators

Our focus is to help your Value Creators perform. 

Imagine your Value Creators have access to all the relevant files for a given customer or opportunity directly in your CRM system.

No going to another solution. No manual linking. No time waisted searching for presentations, brochures, templates, contracts, pricelists, proposals, etc.

SalesValue solves this automatically, and is the invisible bridge between your file shares and your CRM system.


Help your customers

Selling to and collaborating with potential customers is getting ever more complex, as more people get involved in the process. CEB/Gartner estimates the number of people involved in a typical B2B solutions purchases is 6.8.

This means that your sales team needs guidance on how to collaborate with the different stakeholder within the customer organisation, like:

  • What value do our products deliver
  • What is the mental model the customer typically have about the problems
  • What unique commercial insight can we bring to the customers
  • Who is the typical stakeholders
  • What does the customer need to do to evaluate and buy a solution to their problem
  • What is the typical barriers the customers face internally

Increase your productivity

It can be difficult to find the material you need when you engage with your customers. SalesValue makes it easy to identify and find the best material when you need it, for example:

  • Presentations
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Proposals
  • References
  • Customer stories
  • etc.

SalesValue uses the power of machine learning to give you intelligent search and filtering. You can quickly find the right material based on product, opportunity, file type, customer, etc.

Get knowledge from colleagues

Research shows that sales people often don't use the content produced by marketing. Sales people often create their own material like presentations, proposals, solution descriptions, etc.

The material created by the sales team is often not shared. This means that critical knowledge is lost.

SalesValue allows your employees to connect their file shares, and share the knowledge stored in here. This can easily include a lot of unstructured content, but SalesValue helps you make order in the content and present it in right context. And the employees have full controll over what they share.

What our customers say

Andreas Vagnø Pedersen
Channel Manager

It's so easy.

I add my materials to the customer folder on OneDrive and then the content is automatically available in Microsoft CRM.

Then the material is available on the customer or opportunity when we need it. The win-wires process is simple and valuable for systematic knowledge sharing.

Hans Ulrik Madsen
Director Channel Management

SalesValue has great value. I use it to look for documents that it took thousands of years to find. Now we have an intelligent entry to relevant content and I just work like I have always done - brilliant.

There is great value and potential in managing customer stories. This is where we get deeper into each other's experience and achieve positive synergy. Both for winwires and loss reviews.

Simone Vestergaard
Channel Account Manager

SalesValue provides access to material and experiences.

With the relevant material and reference stories on opportunities, it is safe to be a new seller in Zylinc because the road to success is so much faster.

Per Hesthaven
UC Change

Easily managed. Brings more quality to the sales proces with less time spend.

Presents relevant supporting tools and sales materials across the organization and folders, relevant to the stage of sale.

The way it is build, you cannot avoid being inspired in a broader sense on how to proceed and increase your relevanse in the eyes of your customer.

Dorte Groth
Sales Operations

With the integration from CRM to SalesValue, we will strengthen the sales processes and procedures.

We get a common knowledge repository, as the sales materials are moved from the individual seller's private folder to SalesValue.

The CRM system therefore becomes so much more relevant to all of us.

Henning Nielsen

Zylinc's value from Microsoft CRM increases with SalesValue.

Our sales processes are optimized when sales materials and the experiences from colleagues are presented in the relevant context.

We also strengthen the use of best practice in the work with presentations, proposal, contracts etc. and we get an important overview of the potential additional sales to existing customers.



A plugin to your CRM

SalesValue works as a plugin to your CRM system, and increases the value of your investment.

Your sales reps get the most relevant content presented directly in the CRM. SalesValue is integrated into the relevant forms like Opportunities and Accounts, and uses the context to find the most relevant content and training material.

SalesValue Item screen.png

Share Knowledge with your colleagues

SalesValue automatically collects knowledge from your whole team and automates the knowledge sharing through machine learning and algorithms. 

In SalesValue you can collaborate and improve the knowledge by adding relevant tags to files, making them easier for others to find. You can also like files and add your experience and recommendations through comments.

It all helps to make the solution smarter for everybody.

Find what you need across all files shares

The search is your single pane of glass to all the documents in the system. Through free text search or intelligent filtering, on file format, file type, customer, product, author, opportunity, etc.,  you can find the content that you need. 

SalesValue Search screen.png
SalesValue Product screen.png

Sell your Products

On the product pages your sales team find information about How to sell your products and Tools to sell the products.

Sales Playbook increases win rates

When you build a sales playbook in SalesValue it helps you increase win rates and reduce onboarding time. 

The sales playbook allows you to define which content is most relevant in for each activity in your customers buying journey and your sales process, for each product. 

SalesValue then presents the most relevant content to the sales person directly in their CRM system on their opportunities. 

SalesValue Opportunity screen.png

Recommendations for your Opportunities

On the Opportunity pages you find recommendations for relevant content to use for your opportunities based on the opportunity products and the customer, as well as the opportunity stage and sales activities. 

Insights into what works

SalesValue provides you insights into your content. What get's used and what is highest rated.

SalesValue Insights screen.png

How it works


SalesValue is a Software as a Service solution hosted in a secure cloud allowing you to get started within minutes. 

SalesValue imports meta data about your organisations files from your file repositories, like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, as well as context from your CRM system, like customers, opportunities and products.

Through machine learning the files are categorised and tagged, so the users can easily find relevant material in relevant context through search, filtering and recommendations. For example SalesValue will for each file automatically identify elements like

  • File type, e.g. presentation, contract, whitepaper, etc.
  • Language
  • Products - your products and offerings
  • Customers
  • Opportunities  


SalesValue have the following integrations.

Office 365

Integration to

G Suite

Integration to
Team Drive


Integration to 

Dynamics 365 CRM

Integration to

Is this solution right for you?

If your organisation matches the criteria's below, SalesValue is designed for you:

You work with Business to Business sales

Business to Business sales is interactions where long term relations matters and customer purchase process is often complex involving several different people. This means that you have a very skilled sales team.

SalesValue is designed to help your sales team get their job done smarter. 

You sell a Complex product

Your product or solution is not a commodity and involves a long evaluation process for the customer, that is often different for each sale and each customer. This requires understanding the customer business, requirements and needs, and adapting the sales process to help the customer navigate their own evaluation and decision process.

SalesValue helps your sales team quickly find what they need in the ever growing content, and produce better content by collaborating and sharing in the sales team.

You are a Small or Medium Sized sales team

We focus on helping small and medium sized sales teams.

SalesValue is easy to use and delivers fast results, with minimal efforts, which typical fits the requirements of SMB organisations. We focus on requiring a minimum of configuration, as well as daily maintenance and administration by your sales team, marketing and product owners. SalesValue do this through our smart integration to your files storage and your system CRM, combined with our machine learning.

Unlike some of the larger sales enablement vendors have great and very advanced solutions, but requires a lot of configuration, customization and effort to maintain.