Build, run and scale your sales team

SalesValue is the first CRM, designed for B2B Startups. SalesValue guides you from the first sales hire to a successful sales organization.


SalesValue CRM guides B2B Startups to success

 SalesValue CRM is the first to offer a combination of Sales Playbook, CRM and Sales Enablement, which is your guarantee for success.

Sales Playbook

SalesValue guides you to build an effective sales playbook: 

  • Buyers journey
  • Sales activities 
  • Persona's
  • Pains 
  • Product features
  • Sales and training content
  • Customer references and stories


SalesValue helps you run your sales organization effectively with classic CRM functionality:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Tasks

Sales Enablement

SalesValue helps you scale your sales organization by delivering integrated sales enablement functionality that delivers just in time knowledge to the sales team.

Building a Sales Organization is Hard, and growth does not come easy

Your MVP is complete. You have brought in your first customers as a founder. You have found product-market fit. It's time to build a sales organization.

If you do it right you can establish the revenue growth every founder dreams of.

But if you do it wrong you can bring down the company.

This is one decision you don't want to screw up.


  • Can you afford it?
  • Are you ready?
  • Can you make it work?
  • Who should you hire?

Reduce your risk of failure  

 We reduce your risk of failure, for your first sales hire and when building your sales organization.

If you don't have a well-defined sales playbook you are not ready!

The result is a high risk of failure, which is costly, time-consuming, and very frustrating. 

SalesValue guides you through creating an effective sales playbook and help you run and scale the sales organization with success.


"SalesValue is a simple and powerful solution."


- René Viborg
CEO, Zylinc


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Grow your business with an effective sales organization. 



“SalesValue creates great value for sales and marketing teams.”

CEO, UC Change


“Our sales processes are optimized when sales materials and the experiences from colleagues are presented in the relevant context.”

COO, Zylinc

Remove risk of failure when building your sales organization, and grow your business with success.

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CRM Features

SalesValue include classic CRM features like:


Manage your customers and partners, and your dialog and activities with them. 


Manage your customer and partner contact persons, and your dialog and activities with the contacts.


Manage your sales opportunities including value, forecast, products, contacts and sales stage. 

Sales Playbook Features

SalesValue includes innovative features for you to create your sales playbook:

Sales Activities

Link the typical sales activities your perform to successfully guide your buyers through their journey. This can include presentations, demo, business case, proposal, etc. 


Identify and document which contact persons you engage with, at different stages of the buying journey. What are their goals, task and responsibilities and role in the buying process. 

This helps your salespeople know who to engage with, at the customers and what drives these people.


Describe the pains that your contact persons has that your products can help them solve. Also describe how the pains link together in a pain chain. 

This helps your salespeople relate to the contact persons situation and needs, and also guide the customers with dialog in the customers organization. 

Product Features

Link your product features to the contact persons pains. This way it easy for the salesperson to know which parts of the products they should focus on then engaging with different contact persons.

Sales Content

Link sales content like presentations, brochures, and whitepapers to they buyers journey, to make it easy for the salespersons to find the most relevant content in a given context.  

Training Content

Link trainning content like demo guides, product training, and pricing guidelines to they buyers journey, to make it easy for the salespersons to find the most relevant training in a given context.  

Customer Stories

Stories from other customers is very valuable when explaining the value of your products and when building trust. Stories can both be official customer references, win announcements as well as internal stories. 

Sales Enablement Features

Deliver Just in Time knowledge and content

Opportunity Guidance

SalesValue shows the most relevant knowledge and content on opportunities based on elements like sales stage, products and industry. 

SalesValue also guides the salespeople on sales activities and relevant contact persons to engage with.

Understand Contacts

SalesValue how the relevant persona profile for the contacts, so the salespeople can find information about pains and relevant product features when they speak to their customers. 

Account Content

SalesValue show relevant content for accounts based on industries, as well as possible up-sell recommendations.

Product Knowledge

SalesValue makes easy to find relevant product knowledge and content directly in the solution. This can include presentations, brochures, whitepapers as well as training material like guides.

Advanced Search

SalesValue offers advanced content search with many filter options like file format, file type, language, product, etc.

SalesValue automatically tags the content.

Onboarding Sales Consulting

Our onboarding will guide you to success with building, running and scaling your sales team. We offer the following onboarding support to our customers.

Buyer and Sales process workshop

Workshop to discuss and document your buyer journey, and which sales activities you perform to support your buyers.

Persona's and Pains workshop

Workshop to identify and document which contact persons you engage with through the sales process and what their relevant pains are. 

Product Features workshop

Identify and document your product relevant features for the buyers pains. Document the advantages and benefits for each feature. 

Sales and training content workshop

Workshop to identify and upload relevant sales and training content, and map the content to the relevant tags like sales process, products, etc.

Technical setup workshop

Workshop to configure the technical setup like security, email integration, document integrations, etc.

Measure success workshop

Follow up on the go live with the solution, and measure results like adoption, win rates, sales cycle, pipeline and revenue.