Salesforce for Startups - Webinar series


How can Salesforce help you grow your Startup?

We are launching a webinar series to show and discuss how Salesforce can help startups scale their business. 

Many smaller companies and startups start by using simple CRM solutions like Pipedrive, Insightly, HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRMThese are great solutions as they get you started quickly. But as your organization growths you might find that there are limitations to these CRM systems, and an advanced solution like Salesforce can help you scale …

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Hvordan kan Salesforce skabe vækst i din virksomhed?


Hvordan kan Salesforce skabe vækst i din startup?

Mange mindre virksomheder og startups starter med at bruge enkle CRM-løsninger som Pipedrive, Insightly, HubSpot CRM og Web CRM. Dette er gode løsninger, da I hurtigt kommer i gang. Men når din organisation vokser, opdager du at der er begrænsninger for disse CRM-systemer, og en avanceret løsning som Salesforce kan hjælpe dig med at skalere din salgsorganisation.

Vi lancerer en webinar serie for at vise og diskutere, hvordan Salesforce kan hjæl…

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How to keep your sales team motivated

SalesValue drop the sales bonus

In this article on Medium, I describe why you should stop using sales bonus to motivate your sales team. Instead use purpose, mastery and autonomy to motivate your team as described in the book Drive by Daniel Pink.

Below I give some suggestions on how you can use purpose, mastery and autonomy to motivate your sales team. 

In short there is a lot of areas where you can help create focus on purpose, mastery and autonomy, which will help create a motivate sales team. You can drive this focus thr…

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Join us at Sales Innovation Expo on 21-22 March in London

Sales Innovation Expo logo

SalesValue will participate in the Sales Innovation Expo on 21 + 22 March in London. 

Come join us a get a demo of the innovative next generation Sales Content Management solution. 

We will bring some other well know Danish quality: 

Danish butter cockies

Visit us on our stand no. 1990, to get your sample ;-)

Look for the poster below. 

SalesValue roll up


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Meetup 6th March: See how SalesValue uses Neo4j to create advanced recommendation engine

SalesValue will speak at the Neo4j graph meetup in Copenhagen on March 6th. 

Sign up for the event now.

Thomas Thejn will show how SalesValue uses the powerfull Neo4j Graph Database to create an advanced recommendation engine. SalesValue is an innovative Sales Content Management solution, that helps customers with fast Sales Enablement. By using Neo4j and machine learning algorithms, SalesValue is able to build advanced relations between content, so it is easy to find for the sales persons in …

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Webinar: How to make Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive work effectively for your sales team

Many sales people waist a lot of time trying to find the content they need to engage effectively with their customers. And many end up either creating content from scratch or reusing old material.

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive are great solutions for storing and sharing documents, but often the content is spread across many different SharePoint sites and in deep folder structures, as well as locked away on sales employees individual file shared.

SalesValue works on top of Microsoft SharePoint …

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