Summer of updates 2018


It has been a great and warm summer in Europe, but SalesValue has still been very busy enhancing our solution. So here is a short update of what SalesValue have spend our summer on. 

It has been a summer of updates for SalesValue. We have improved and added a lot of features.

Sales Playbook

You can now create a Sales Playbook in SalesValue that links content and training to opportunity stages and activities. You can break down the old large book into relevant pieces, and recommend content and…

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Zylinc selects SalesValue as Sales Enablement solution


Zylinc, a leading provider of business suites for UC and UCaaS in the Nordic area, has chosen SalesValue as sales enablement solution. 

Zylinc is a strong Microsoft partner, and SalesValue will be closely integrated into Zylinc's business applications, which includes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

The company has been growing at around 50% p.a. (CAGR) for the past 5 years, and Zylinc’s proprietary software solutions are in operation with millions of users in more than 20 cou…

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SalesValue CEO, Thomas Thejn, will speak at Sales Innovation Expo about sales motivation and customer value

SalesValue will be joining Sales Innovation Expo and our CEO, Thomas Thejn, will speak at the event about what motivates sales people. 


Many companies uses an aggressive bonus plan to keep the sales team motivated.

But what really motivates your sales team?

Get insights from brain psychology and practical experience.

  • How can you create a sales team that is on their toes and working intelligent?
  • How do you ensure a loyal long term custom…

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SalesValue adds Salesforce integration

We are happy to announce our Salesforce integration.

With just a few clicks you can integrate SalesValue to Salesforce, which allows you to pull information about your accounts, products an opportunities from Salesforce into SalesValue. 

SalesValue will use the information to automatically tag all your content from corporate and personal file shares, so you can easily find content related to your customers and products, and SalesValue can give you personalized recommendation for your opportuni…

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Sign up for beta access

SalesValue is a Sales Content Management solution for sales teams working with business to business sales. SalesValue will launch in April 2018 to the public, but we have a limited time offer for selected companies.

We offer you:

  • Beta access to the SalesValue solution
  • Free "get started" assistance
  • Free support

In the free get started assistance we:

  • Evaluate your company's existing content management and knowledge management for your sales team
  • Give you practical recommendations for …

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