Increase CRM adoption with SalesValue

SalesValue CRM Opportunity
  • Did your organization invest heavily in a CRM solution?
  • Do you want to increase adoption?
  • Do your sales people complain that the CRM system is an activity tracking tool for management and not a tool for them?

Many organizations implement advanced CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These are great solutions that can add a lot of value to the organization. A common problem is that the sales team is not as happy as the management. They often experience the CRM solution…

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5 tips on how to use webinars for sales enablement


TwentyThree, the leading video marketing company, has just released a great webinar tool. At SalesValue we were fortunate to be part of the beta program, where we ran 2 webinars for our customers. We recorded the webinars and made several video clips that is now part of our internal sales enablement.

Below you find 5 simple tips on how you can use an advanced webinar tool like TwentyThree to improve your sales enablement.

1. Use webinars for internal and external training

A key component of s…

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7 tips for how you can onboard new sales people faster and make them more productive


The 2016 CSO Insights study found that 60.7% of the study participants reported a ramp-up time of seven months or more. Combined with the fact that the average turnover per year is 16,5%, it can be highly valuable to ensure that your new sales people is fully productive more quickly. 

This article presents 7 tips on how to onboard new sales people faster and make them more productive. In my experience, these 7 areas can often be improved:

  1. Share knowledge from colleagues
  2. Share customer stori…

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Tips for Sales Enablement in startups 


Hiring and onboarding great sales people is time consuming and expensive, so here are some tips that will help you on board new sales people faster and make them more successful, so they stay longer.   

Link your content to the customer buying journey and sales process 

There is a need for sales content to support the sales people in all parts of the customer buying journey and your sales process.  


We recommend that you map your requirements for customer facing content as well as internal…

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CEO's: Stop using sales bonuses


I have been working with B2B sales in the IT industry for over 20 years, as well as serving on several boards and advisory boards. I have always been fascinated with motivation and creating great results. 

Motivation of sales teams is an interesting topic. Sales bonuses and sales competitions is a common practice in many sales organizations to create motivation, but there is a lot of misunderstandings of how to create a motivated sales team that delivers the results you really want. 

In summar…

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B2B Sales: Everything You Need to Know



Guest post by Dan Sincavage from Tenfold.

Business-to-business (B2B) sales are entirely different to consumer sales. Typically, the whole process is more complex. Sales reps need to deal with a head of a department or buying authority — someone who has the final say before a transaction can be completed. As a result, reps need to nurture business leads and slowly move them through the sales funnel. Here’s how these professionals master B2B sales and boost revenue.

The B2B Sales Cycle

The B…

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7 ways to improve your business with Sales and Consulting Enablement

SalesValue Value creators

In 2018 we are faced with digital transformation, technological disruption and cultural shifts. Changes is happing fast and it is often a challenge to keep your organizations knowledge up to date. At the same time B2B relations is changing, which increases the required skills from sales, presales and consulting.

Below are 7 ways how to improve your business with Sales and Consulting Enablement.

1. Make it easy to manage best practice 

Sharing of best practice is a key element of any great bus…

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50-50 split - what really motivates your sales team? Presentation from Sales Innovation Expo 2018 in London

SalesValue CEO, Thomas Thejn presented at Sales Innovation Expo 2018 in London. Thomas spoke at the event about what motivates sales people. 


Many companies uses an aggressive bonus plan to keep the sales team motivated.

But what really motivates your sales team?

Get insights from brain psychology and practical experience.

  • How can you create a sales team that is on their toes and working intelligent?
  • How do you ensure a loyal long term …

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Things to consider when you launch a new B2B solution


Are you launching a new product or solution in the B2B market?

To bring your new solution fast and successfully to the market you need to create the needed sales content in an ongoing collaborative effort between sales, marketing and customer success. But how do you do that?

Your sales team needs a lot of content

B2B solution sales is getting more and more complex. According to CEB, now part of Gartner Group, studies this is because the purchase process for customers is also getting more and …

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How to measure the progress of your Lean Startup

This and following articles will give a detailed and practical example of how you can measure a lean startup, with one of the modern tools for Intelligence and analytics, TrueSight Intelligence. This and the next articles will be written as I build the solution and company. I will also focus on my lessons learned along the way.

My company

First a short introduction to the company.

I am building my company SalesValue. The company develops and delivers a Software as a Service (SaaS), solution f…

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