SalesValue adds Salesforce integration

We are happy to announce our Salesforce integration.

With just a few clicks you can integrate SalesValue to Salesforce, which allows you to pull information about your accounts, products an opportunities from Salesforce into SalesValue. 

SalesValue will use the information to automatically tag all your content from corporate and personal file shares, so you can easily find content related to your customers and products, and SalesValue can give you personalized recommendation for your opportunities like: 

  • Recommended best practice content
  • All content linked to the customer
  • Content from similar opportunities
  • Content from same industry

See how easy it is to setup the integration and get personalized recommendations for your opportunities:

Measurable results get measurable results fast: 

  • 10% Higher Win Rates
  • 10-20% Higher Productivity
  • 20-30% Faster Enablement


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william son

Great move.

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