Meetup 6th March: See how SalesValue uses Neo4j to create advanced recommendation engine

SalesValue will speak at the Neo4j graph meetup in Copenhagen on March 6th. 

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Thomas Thejn will show how SalesValue uses the powerfull Neo4j Graph Database to create an advanced recommendation engine. SalesValue is an innovative Sales Content Management solution, that helps customers with fast Sales Enablement. By using Neo4j and machine learning algorithms, SalesValue is able to build advanced relations between content, so it is easy to find for the sales persons in when they need it. 

A real life example of how SalesValue helps

Helle is working on a big opportunity with Monsters Inc., and Helle really wants to help all her sponsors in Monsters Inc get internal commitment and approval for the project. Helle stresses over questions like:  

- How does she prepare for the meeting? 

- How does she create a great presentation? 

- Which references in the same industry could be relevant to discuss with Monsters Inc.?

- What material can she share with the customer so they can create internal consensus on the project?

This is where SalesValue helps.

The opportunity with Monsters Inc is already imported from the CRM system to SalesValue. SalesValue offers Helle recommendations for presentations, whitepapers and references stories, based the companies best practice as well as material used by her colleagues for customers in the same industry, at the same opportunity stage and for the same products. 

Helle quickly finds what she needs and can prepare a stunning presentation together with content the customer can use internally to create consensus, and backed by some name drops of just closed deals. 

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