Salesforce for Startups - Webinar series


How can Salesforce help you grow your Startup?

We are launching a webinar series to show and discuss how Salesforce can help startups scale their business. 

Many smaller companies and startups start by using simple CRM solutions like Pipedrive, Insightly, HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRMThese are great solutions as they get you started quickly. But as your organization growths you might find that there are limitations to these CRM systems, and an advanced solution like Salesforce can help you scale your sales organization. 

Each webinar will be around 20 - 30 min. to keep them short and focused, and the series will cover the following topics: 

Why and when to upgrade to Salesforce

When can an advanced CRM system like Salesforce be right for your company and when should you use the effort to migrate system? 

This webinar will cover some of the unique features of Salesforce, and discuss when it typically makes sense to look for an upgrade of you existing solution. We will also discuss what it requires of your organization to get the expected benefits from the solution. 

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Introduction to Salesforce

If you have not seen Salesforce before or recently, this webinar will give you a quick introduction to Salesforce. We will cover the basics like accounts, contacts, opportunities, emails and tasks as well as some of the more advanced features like reports, dashboards, products, campaigns and cases. We will also give a quick overview of how Salesforce can be configured using elements like objects manager and process builder.

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Guided sales processes in Salesforce

You most likely have a sales process in your CRM, but does all of your sales reps know what should be done at each step? And what are the key activities required to move a deal to the next step? 

Guided sales processes can help you document your sales process, guide your sales team and keep focus on key activities and data required at each step of the sales process. We will discuss the benefits, and show to configure this. 

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Products, quotes and digital signature with Salesforce

Adding a product catalogue to Salesforce can give you a lot of benefits. You can easily set the right price on your opportunities and you can track pipeline based products.

Having the right products on opportunities also allow you to track installed base which is the basis for upsell and cross sell as well as input for marketing. With products on opportunities it is also easy to create quotes that you can send to customers and ask for digital signature.

We will show how products, quotes and digital signature can be used in Salesforce and how it can be configured. 

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Sales enablement in Salesforce

Sales enablement can help you increase your sales teams succes by providing the right content and training.  But a common challenge is that when you provide training the sales team forgets is too quickly and don't use it. Similarly a common issue is that 60-80% of marketing content is never used, and the sales team can't find the content they need.

By integrating sales enablement into Salesforce the sales team can get the content and knowledge they need when they need it in the right context. This drives improved results and customer satisfaction. 

In this webinar we will discuss how to get started with sales enablement, and how to integrate it into Salesforce. 

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Inside sales and Salesforce

Do you have an inside sales department? Want to make sure they are effective and deliver results? 

Salesforce can support your inside sales team in several ways. We will discuss some of the typical challenges and the options for supporting your inside sales team. 

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