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SalesValue CRM Opportunity
  • Did your organization invest heavily in a CRM solution?
  • Do you want to increase adoption?
  • Do your sales people complain that the CRM system is an activity tracking tool for management and not a tool for them?

Many organizations implement advanced CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These are great solutions that can add a lot of value to the organization. A common problem is that the sales team is not as happy as the management. They often experience the CRM solution as an activity tracking tool taking time away from valuable sales activities. I have often heard the question:

Do you want me to update the system or do you want me to close the deal?

The answer to the question is of course – “I want both!”

One of the reason for this problem is that many CRM implementations focus on management needs, and not the needs of the individual sales person.

Why is this a problem?

If your sales people don't like to work with the CRM system, it can cause a lot of small annoying problems that takes time away from helping the customers, e.g.: 

  • Sales forecasts are not accurate and up to date
  • Sales managers spends a lot of time ensuring the sales team updates the CRM system
  • Sales people gets frustrated and demotivated

Another less visible problem, is that when sales people is not motivated to update the CRM, the data in the system quickly becomes wrong. The worst is when sales people enter wrong data, because the fields are mandatory, e.g. by selecting the default competitor but not the real competitor for the opportunity. This way your company loses valuable insight into your customers, competitors and sales operations. Companies with the best insights are the future winners. 

SalesValue can help you increase CRM adoption and value

SalesValue is a Sales Enablement solution that works as an add-in to Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. The solution gives added value to your sales people by providing them recommendations on content like brochures, presentations, contracts, customer references, etc. as well as training and competitive information. The content is filtered by the relevant context, e.g. most relevant content based on an opportunity or an account.

The content is provided with very limited efforts by your sales and marketing team by linking existing content sources, like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, and using machine learning to automatically tag the content.

SalesValue drives adoption of your CRM solution, because the CRM solution will change from an activity reporting system, to a solution where you sales team can find and share knowledge and  find tools to help in their sales efforts. Your CRM solution becomes the go-to place for product information, competitive intelligence, reference stories, company presentations, etc. 

This will make the sales team use the CRM solution more often and it will help move your sales organization from simple transactional sales to become value co-creators

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Recommendations for opportunities

Below is an example from an opportunity where the sales person can get recommendations based on sales process, find files, stories and competitive intelligence.

This helps the sales person progress the opportunities faster.

 SalesValue CRM Opportunity.png

Overview of files related to account

Here is an example from an account where the sales person can find all content that he or his colleagues has made for this customer, e.g. proposals, contracts and presentations.

SalesValue also recommends up sell opportunities based on the existing solutions the customer has purchased.

This significantly improves the dialog the sales person can have with his customer.

 SalesValue CRM Account.png

Overview on Dashboard 

Here is an example from a dashboard where the sales person can get an overview and search on all content.

This improves the sales persons value selling skills. 

SalesValue CRM Dashboard.png

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