Salesforce for Startups - Webinar series


How can Salesforce help you grow your Startup?

We are launching a webinar series to show and discuss how Salesforce can help startups scale their business. 

Many smaller companies and startups start by using simple CRM solutions like Pipedrive, Insightly, HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRMThese are great solutions as they get you started quickly. But as your organization growths you might find that there are limitations to these CRM systems, and an advanced solution like Salesforce can help you scale …

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Hvordan kan Salesforce skabe vækst i din virksomhed?


Hvordan kan Salesforce skabe vækst i din startup?

Mange mindre virksomheder og startups starter med at bruge enkle CRM-løsninger som Pipedrive, Insightly, HubSpot CRM og Web CRM. Dette er gode løsninger, da I hurtigt kommer i gang. Men når din organisation vokser, opdager du at der er begrænsninger for disse CRM-systemer, og en avanceret løsning som Salesforce kan hjælpe dig med at skalere din salgsorganisation.

Vi lancerer en webinar serie for at vise og diskutere, hvordan Salesforce kan hjæl…

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Increase CRM adoption with SalesValue

SalesValue CRM Opportunity
  • Did your organization invest heavily in a CRM solution?
  • Do you want to increase adoption?
  • Do your sales people complain that the CRM system is an activity tracking tool for management and not a tool for them?

Many organizations implement advanced CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These are great solutions that can add a lot of value to the organization. A common problem is that the sales team is not as happy as the management. They often experience the CRM solution…

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5 tips on how to use webinars for sales enablement


TwentyThree, the leading video marketing company, has just released a great webinar tool. At SalesValue we were fortunate to be part of the beta program, where we ran 2 webinars for our customers. We recorded the webinars and made several video clips that is now part of our internal sales enablement.

Below you find 5 simple tips on how you can use an advanced webinar tool like TwentyThree to improve your sales enablement.

1. Use webinars for internal and external training

A key component of s…

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Summer of updates 2018


It has been a great and warm summer in Europe, but SalesValue has still been very busy enhancing our solution. So here is a short update of what SalesValue have spend our summer on. 

It has been a summer of updates for SalesValue. We have improved and added a lot of features.

Sales Playbook

You can now create a Sales Playbook in SalesValue that links content and training to opportunity stages and activities. You can break down the old large book into relevant pieces, and recommend content and…

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7 tips for how you can onboard new sales people faster and make them more productive


The 2016 CSO Insights study found that 60.7% of the study participants reported a ramp-up time of seven months or more. Combined with the fact that the average turnover per year is 16,5%, it can be highly valuable to ensure that your new sales people is fully productive more quickly. 

This article presents 7 tips on how to onboard new sales people faster and make them more productive. In my experience, these 7 areas can often be improved:

  1. Share knowledge from colleagues
  2. Share customer stori…

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Tips for Sales Enablement in startups 


Hiring and onboarding great sales people is time consuming and expensive, so here are some tips that will help you on board new sales people faster and make them more successful, so they stay longer.   

Link your content to the customer buying journey and sales process 

There is a need for sales content to support the sales people in all parts of the customer buying journey and your sales process.  


We recommend that you map your requirements for customer facing content as well as internal…

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CEO's: Stop using sales bonuses


I have been working with B2B sales in the IT industry for over 20 years, as well as serving on several boards and advisory boards. I have always been fascinated with motivation and creating great results. 

Motivation of sales teams is an interesting topic. Sales bonuses and sales competitions is a common practice in many sales organizations to create motivation, but there is a lot of misunderstandings of how to create a motivated sales team that delivers the results you really want. 

In summar…

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B2B Sales: Everything You Need to Know



Guest post by Dan Sincavage from Tenfold.

Business-to-business (B2B) sales are entirely different to consumer sales. Typically, the whole process is more complex. Sales reps need to deal with a head of a department or buying authority — someone who has the final say before a transaction can be completed. As a result, reps need to nurture business leads and slowly move them through the sales funnel. Here’s how these professionals master B2B sales and boost revenue.

The B2B Sales Cycle

The B…

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Zylinc selects SalesValue as Sales Enablement solution


Zylinc, a leading provider of business suites for UC and UCaaS in the Nordic area, has chosen SalesValue as sales enablement solution. 

Zylinc is a strong Microsoft partner, and SalesValue will be closely integrated into Zylinc's business applications, which includes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

The company has been growing at around 50% p.a. (CAGR) for the past 5 years, and Zylinc’s proprietary software solutions are in operation with millions of users in more than 20 cou…

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